Our best tip....
To prepare yourself and to get the very most out of the class, study your camera’s manual prior to the class and become familiar with the settings on your camera, that way when it comes time for us to teach you about them you will already know how to navigate and find them on your camera.

What kind of camera I need for this course?

Point & shoot camera, pro-camera & everything in between, the basic elements of photography are all the same. Our goal is to get you in control of your camera.

I want to know more about my camera & photography in general. Is your workshop for me?
YES! We get asked all the time by our clients and friends basic photography questions and “how do I get my pictures to look like this” or “how do I get my camera to do that”. We'll tell you how!

I simply want to learn how to take better pictures of my kids and family. Should I come?
Absolutely, this workshop will be comprehensive for all different levels of experience.

My spouse/friend is driving me to the class; can they attend for free? Can I bring my kids if I can't find a sitter?
Due to limited availibility in each city, seats are reserved for registered students only. Please leave your young kids at home...they will be bored and they may be distracting to other students.  Older kids (12+) are welcome to register to attend the class if they have an interest in photography.

Can I purchase a ticket as a gift?
Yes, just enter the student's name and then the billing name if it's different & you will be good to go.

What do I need to bring to the class?
Your smiling face, a printed voucher or receipt or just your name to check-in. Also, bring your camera, owner's manual, something to take notes with, and a sweater or light jacket if you tend to be cold. Some of the hotel ballrooms can get quite chilly.

Will coffee, sodas and snacks be provided?
To keep costs low, we provide only water stations for students, but many of the hotels have a coffee shop or gift shop where you can purchase a drink or snack.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?
Tickets are non-refundable. Please order carefully.
If you purchased your ticket through a Daily Deal site
such as Living Social or Amazon Local, please contact them directly for assistance.

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